Medical facilities and ambulance:

Karupannya has its own doctors and nurses to look after the illness of any worker and their family members free of cost. They are also provided with certain types free medicines.

We have 24-hour ambulance service to cater to any type of emergency pertinent to the health and wellbeing of our workers.

Emergency and Fire Prevention

Emergency plans are developed and implemented here. The plans are based on identified risks and established routines for dealing with emergency situations. Any fires or

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Day Care Centre

We have the most efficient and most comfortable Day Care Centers for the children of the working mothers with sufficient cots and child-friendly toys as

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Founder’s Word

Karupannya Rangpur, a global brand, is a Bangladeshi hand-made rug enterprise exactly in that vigor and spirit that is constituted of the community, by the community and for the community.


We installed a biogas plant. Here we use our organic wastes to

Solar energy:

Solar panels are in use to absorb renewable energy and convert it