Compliance with universal conventions

Karupannya complies with the eight core conventions defined in the

  • Fundamental Principles of Rights at Work
  • ILO declaration June 1998


  • Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact 2000

Karupannya recognizes the fundamental principles of Human Rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (United Nations 1948)

Business ethics

  • Values of trust
  • Integrity
  • Honesty

Trust and transparency related to Karupannya business are ensured at all times. There is no case of corruption or the use of bribery related to the business.

 Legal compliance

There are routines in place to ensure the applicable laws and regulations related to requirements are implemented.

Internal audits

Transparent and reliable routines are in place to ensure, verify and report compliance. The verification is completed at least once every 12 months and records are kept for 24 months.

Child labor 

  • Child labor is not used
  • Proof of age documentation for all workers

The minimum working age is defined by the national legislation and is the age, above which a person can be employed on a full-time basis.

Forced and bonded labor 

There is no forced, prison, bonded or involuntary labor.

Emergency and Fire Prevention

Emergency plans are developed and implemented here. The plans are based on identified risks and established routines for dealing with emergency situations. Any fires or

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Day Care Centre

We have the most efficient and most comfortable Day Care Centers for the children of the working mothers with sufficient cots and child-friendly toys as

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Founder’s Word

Karupannya Rangpur, a global brand, is a Bangladeshi hand-made rug enterprise exactly in that vigor and spirit that is constituted of the community, by the community and for the community.


We installed a biogas plant. Here we use our organic wastes to

Solar energy:

Solar panels are in use to absorb renewable energy and convert it