Karupannya Rangpur Ltd

Karupannya Rangpur, a global brand, is a Bangladeshi hand-made rug manufacturing enterprise exactly in that vigor and spirit that is constituted of the community, by the community and for the community. We do not claim we are the greatest in market but assuredly, we are a fine illustration of how big we can do with just what little we have in our hands right now. We believe this is our home. We believe in, better said, live in Karupannya.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is establishing sustainable employment opportunity and women empowerment in Rangpur region; Producing handmade rugs by eco-friendly materials as well as contributing to the environment.

Our vision is to meet quality, to make cost saving and to create life with socio-environmental realization. Our success lies in the upgradation of our workers’ living standard.

What We Do


Motivation, Business Model and Concept

It’s our customers, we believe, where is our growth. Proactively responding to their demands, is our simple business model. Inspired by IKEA through an enormously learning and satisfying partnership in last couple of years, has helped us with their vision and values to grow as an organization. The basic concept of alternative human resource management is our key to compete machine reality in optimal production efficiency with a state of the art integrated manual production design. With a whole workforce of females, we are advantaged in deferent aspects and as well as our promise to empower livelihoods to the female villagers in the poorest area of Rangpur, Bangladesh. Competitive and innovative product development, less profit and sustainability are also our major focuses.

Who We Are

We a team of 7000 pair of hands work hard with a vision of eliminating poverty and unemployment. We want to establish trade relations with the global companies whose vision is to work with quality products at the same time insuring better livelihood for the weavers.

Siddhartha Lahiri

General Manager

Shafiqul Alam Selim

Founder & Managing Director

Altaf Hossain Selim

General Manager

Sayad Anwar Habib

General Manager

Day Care Centre

We have the most efficient and most comfortable Day Care Centers for the children of the working mothers with sufficient

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